Solar power systems

sustainable resource use in energy production with financial benefits and profits

Green energy and financial benefits: solar power plants from Sinus Energy

Make green energy and money with your roof or your unused areas.

You are a businessman and have a large free surface like a roof of your office building, your warehouse or an unused area? We, Sinus Energy GmbH & Co. KG from germany, are looking for open spaces to set up solar systems.
We have many years of expirience in the german solar industry and we have build several mega watts of solar powerplants. We build small roofs of family homes, big farming sheds and also ground mounted powerplants.

Interested in making money with green energy?

Feel free to get in touch with us. We will take care of all things that have to be done: from planning your solar powerplant over financing to installing the solar modules. Sinus Energy combines high quality components, experienced management and a basic ecological understanding that leads to an optimal yield. Get your custom quote for a solar system

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Planning solar powerplant

For comprehensive planning and designing your solar energy system we will have a look at the building. Presenting the opportunities you know what you get before signing a contract.

From the beginning we will be your permanent partner!

High quality solar technology

Sinus Energy got direct partnerships to the best producers of all necessary components of solar systems - cutting out the middle man!

High quality solar technology/ components and top prices guarantees the energy of tomorrow today.


The Sinus Energy management is an experienced european team working successfully for years in the german solar industry.

Integrated support from planning to construction.