Solar power systems

sustainable resource use in energy production with financial benefits and profits

Our producs for your solar system

High quality products, precise planning, efficiency and 24-hour service: our key to your success!

Transparency and Assurance

We believe in a principle of a transparent workflow and will give you all information in all project stages covering any questions you might have concerning financing, building and running a Solar Power Plant beforehand. We know what its like to be an owner of a Photovoltaic Plant, so we can care for all of our customers needs.
Any resources we use we buy directly from the Producer, therefore cutting out the middle man and can provide our customers with the high quality products for the lowest possible price.

24h Live-Monitoring of all solar systems

With Sinus Energy you will be able to monitor your Solar Plant anytime, anywhere!  Through the web, via fax, email or text message you will be kept up to date on the current performance, functionality, yield  and alarm management of your plant. So not only do you have full information on how much energy your plant is producing, how much CO² you are saving, you will also get a notice if any part of you Solar Plant is not functioning fully and can therefore act immediately if any error occurs.
But not only you will receive any messages, we at Sinus Energy will too. That way we can immediately look into the error and get it fixed.

The latest generation of solar modules

We offer monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels for your solar system. The solar modules are produced with self-developed methods and techniques so that other manufacturers assumed them. This proves our technological advantage and the quality of the produced solar modules which we can offer at top prices.
To guarantee the consistently high quality all products are subjected to regular quality checks and certified by independent institutes.

SOLIVIA Central Inverters

Maximum flexibility, a high power output and suitable for all commonly used solar modules – thats why we use the extreme efficient modular inverter systems. Beside the high frequency technology with the isolated central inverters which can achieve peak efficiencies up to 95.6% you get benefits from

  1. Simple Handling
  2. State-of-the-art Touch-Screen Display
  3. Fail-safe & Ease of Maintenance

SOLIVIA String Inverters

We use DELTA Solivia String Inverters for your Solar Plants. The Solivia Inverters fits for all countries. So these inverters you can enjoy the following benefits – everything from a hand:

  1. Cost Benefit
  2. State-of-the-art Display
  3. Efficiency & Temperature Improvements
  4. Simple Handling

The wide range of inverters can particularly be used for different types of buildings.

The smallest one, SOLIVIA 2.5, is suitable for our customers with smaller to medium-sized solar installations in applications such as single-family homes. For bigger installations you will need more performance. In cases like this we use the SOLIVIA 20 TL with a very high efficiency up to 98.1%, a wide input voltage range of 200 up to 1000 V as well as 2 MPP trackers.

We will find the suitable configuration for your solar plant. Ask us!